Climate (29)

We are investing in climate startups through Rainmatter Foundation.

  • Accasia

    Carbon accounting and ESG tracking for real estate and hospitality sector.

  • Agnikul

    Agnikul is democratising access to space for the small satellite market. The team aims to contribute immensely to the prediction of weather patterns using small satellites.

  • Akshaykalpa

    Akshayakalpa is a farmer-entrepreneurship initiative and focuses on making the farmers self-reliant by using technology and processes to produce safe and wholesome food for the customers using sustainable practices.

  • Amwoodo

    Bamboo alternatives for everyday items and construction.

  • Blue Sky

    Good, reliable data forms the basis for bringing attention to problems and is key in finding the solutions to them. Blue Sky crunches massive amounts of satellite and other data to provide high-quality, historical, real-time and predictive environmental intelligence.

  • BluJ Aero

    Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) technology for significantly reduced travel time for cargo - powered by Hydrogen-Electric propulsion.

  • Climes

    Climes make carbon neutralisation available to consumers through integrations across various services like flights, deliveries and events.

  • Dharaksha

    Specialising in biodegradable packaging material - aiming to curb stubble burning and plastic pollution by creating alternatives.

  • Green Worms

    Creating livelihoods and enabling circular economy.

  • Hasiru Dala Innovations

    Waste management company, with a focus on circular economy & integrating waste pickers into the value chain.

  • IndianYards

    A social enterprise up-skilling women from rural & indigenous communities of The Nilgiris into fine first generation artisans and subsequently enabling them into producer clusters.

  • InfinityBox

    Replacing single-use plastic containers with reusable, recyclable, and better quality containers.

  • JSP Enviro

    Attempting to make secondary water treatment affordable and efficient.

  • LogicLadder

    Software platform designed to track carbon emissions, energy consumption, environmental impact, water usage, and waste management.

  • MatchLog

    MatchLog offers, at scale, the ability to street turn a container from the hinterland, leading to the elimination of unnecessary empty runs that are mandatory to either commence or complete an import-export cycle from the empty container parks.

  • Organic Mandya

    Organic Mandya is working to mainstream organic farming practices. They work with farmers and help in the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. They now have 7000+ Farmers in 300+ spread across 270 Villages working with them.

  • Ossus Bio

    Ossus has developed an intelligent bioreactor, the OB HydraCel, which accesses carbon in the wastewater from process industries and supplies these industries with on-demand, on-site hydrogen gas. They are focused on furthering the green hydrogen space by using waste carbon in industrial effluents as the starting material for green hydrogen.

  • Padcare

    Helping manage the menstrual waste disposal system with a larger vision of safeguarding our women, our waste pickers and Mother Earth.

  • Raheja Solar

    Foldable solar dryers to farmers, farmer producer organisations (FPOs) and state governments.

  • Smarter Dharma

    Sustainable solutions marketplace for builders and developers.

  • Solarsquare

    SolarSquare is an upcoming residential solar company. They aim to make the process of going solar frictionless and transparent for every homeowner.

  • Solinas

    Addressing water contamination, leakages, blockages, and problems related to manual scavenging through robotics and engineering solutions.

  • SundayGrids

    SundayGrids is democratizing solar energy. They are essentially a marketplace to purchase remote solar energy and utilize it against utility bills.

  • TBOF

    Seed-to-shelf organic products.

  • is an online climate school that trains aspiring climate entrepreneurs with the worlds leading experts on climate science, policy, business and social justice.

  • Vassin

    Environmental engineering company manufacturing range of bio-based and bio-degradable products made entirely from Pine Needles sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains and actively helps prevent forest fires in the region.

  • Wastelink

    Solving for commercial food waste by building a sustainable food to feed ecosystem for the country.

  • Zerocircle

    Zerocircle uses seaweed to create bio-alternatives to products that we use in our daily lives and enable organisations to create solutions that are perfectly circular, and leave nothing behind. And make a zero-waste lifestyle easy.

  • Zodhya

    Zodhya enables direct reduction of electricity consumption for HVAC systems by regulating the energy intake helping with a 15-20% reduction of electricity consumption.