Fintech (34)

  • Actlogica

    Platform to help accelerate financial inclusion in India by providing scalable tech infrastructure to wealth managers and investment professionals.

  • AssetPlus

    Platform offering solutions to financial advisors and mutual fund distributors to streamline the processes of investing in mutual funds through multi-portfolio support, unbiased research, and digital marketing.

  • BeyondIRR

    Analytics and support for wealth advisors.

  • Card91

    Solves for Corporate Cards and acts as an end-to-end card solution for company expenses, food, travel, insurance, investments, and other such miscellaneous expenses. Allows any entity/organisation/closed group to issue cards to their target audience, allowing them to maintain all controls with respect to how the card would work.

  • Castler

    Castler makes escrow services more accessible and convenient for enterprises and consumers by digitising the escrow process. They try to eliminate fraud and make business transactions safer.

  • Cred

    CRED is a members-only app that offers you exclusive rewards for paying your credit card bills.

  • Digio

    Digio is driving India’s digital transformation - by bringing paperless, hassle-free documentation and digital processes to Indian businesses and consumers.

  • Ditto

    Making health insurance easy.

  • Epifi

    Digital banking experience that aims to update the way we bank and simplify money for the Indian millennial.

  • ERPNext

    ERPNext is the world's best free and open source ERP.

  • Even

    Even is a healthcare provider that offers managed care plans to its members, with an additional option to enrol for a group insurance cover with its IRDAI-licensed insurance partners.

  • Goalteller

    A personal finance platform that empowers investors to invest better, secure their family against life's uncertainties and achieve their aspirations regarding long term money objectives.

  • GoldenPi

    Online marketplace to invest in Bonds & Debentures.

  • Indiadatahub

    IndiaDataHub is building India’s largest market data and analytics platform. Helping students, analysts, investors, and policy makers with economic data.

  • IndiaGold

    Digitizing gold loans and lockers.

  • JodoPay

    Jodo aims to serve the middle income households in urban India with innovative financial products and services. Their first product is in school fee finance, in which they enable parents to pay fees monthly at no interest.

  • Jupiter

    Home-grown and co-created with a community of users, Jupiter is a digital banking experience that aims to update the way we bank and simplify money for the Indian millennial.

  • Kambala

    The platform supports trading in equity markets ,currency and commodity markets.

  • Kredily

    Kredily is a free cloud-based HR & Payroll software in India. Manage employee data, leaves, track attendance & automate payroll.

  • LearnApp

    Learn from leaders of the finance industry. Courses in Investing, Trading, Technology & Management.

  • Mprofit

    MProfit helps seamlessly track all investments in one place, eliminating the need for spreadsheets that investors rely on for manual data entry and analysis.

  • NullPointer

    Nullpointer is a financial data insights platform helping with predictive credit default model, PDF data extraction tools to structure unstructured data.

  • PensionBox

    Digital pension for Indians.

  • Procol

    Procol offers smart procurement software that helps companies take control of their procurement operations with efficiency and transparency.

  • Quicko

    A platform to help plan, prepare and file your Income Taxes, GST & TDS returns online. Quicko also have a host of APIs for businesses to compute and file GST, TDS and Payroll taxes -

  • RIA

    Health insurance manufacturer.

  • Ripen

    The app that helps with finance, health, work, and life goals.

  • RuleZero

    Rulezero is a legal and fintech startup that enables private companies to digitize and securely manage their equity holdings and transactions.

  • Sensibull

    An options trading platform, Sensibull is trying to make options trading safer, more accessible and build an education ecosystem around it.

  • smallcase

    Simple & transparent investment products for every Indian

  • Streak

    Streak is an end-to-end platform to backtest and deploy algos without coding.

  • Tijori

    Investment Research & Tracking

  • Valuenable

    A platform that helps clients continue receiving the benefits of their life insurance policies by allowing them to take a loan against the surrender value, or assign the policy to another person in times of need. Valuenable also works directly with Insurance companies to educate clients on why they need to continue with their insurance policies.

  • Wintwealth

    Platform for businesses to raise retail debt & allow retail investors to invest into listed debt securities and other fixed income opportunities.